Based in Gauteng I am a on location, natural light photographer. Autumn and May shoots portfolios for weddings, individuals, families (including pets 😊) and new-borns.

My passion is children’s photography and I feel that each child has a special story to tell through the images that I capture of them. I am passionate about my clients and strive to inspire people by making them feel special and significant. It is an honour to capture special moments that people can look back on and cherish forever.


A background on the photographer…….

A true lover of animal’s nature and children, I see life as one amazing journey.,

And I have lived my life threw the saying…”imagine, create and live your dream”.

Life passes us by so quickly that we often miss the beauty that surrounds us, or forget about precious moments spent with special people. From a young age, I made it my goal to try and capture all the precious moments of my life, moments that I never wanted to forget. I treasure my friends and my family and wanted to capture every special moment spent with them. As a child, these moments were remembered and captured threw drawings and paintings. At the age of seven I discovered my mother’s camera. I was hooked from the minute that I looked threw that view finder and immediately began to take snap shots of everything that I could set my eyes on. As I got older I was given my very own camera. This camera travelled everywhere with me, and captured every special moment of my school and varsity career. After varsity and working on the other side of the camera as a model, I decided to study photography. IT WAS THE BEST DESCISION I HAVE EVER MADE. My journey as a photographer has been truly amazing and I have had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people, some who have become friends for life. Being there for people’s special moments its truly so rewarding.